1) Net Worth:
2) Liquid Assets:
3) Do you plan on having partners:
4) Combined Net Worth:
5) Combined Liquid Assets:
6) Have you ever been convicted of a felony:
7) Personal Bankruptcy:
8) Owner or Exec of a company in bankruptcy:
9) Franchisee of another brand:
10) How long(franchisee of another brand):
Lead Referral:
Conference Name:
12) Acquisition, New Rest. Dev or Both?:
13) Opportunity Type:
Opportunity Timetable:
14) Unit Capacity:
Unit Capacity after 5 Years:
15) Top 3 expenses of a rest P&L statement:
16) Geographic Preferences:
State/ Region:

17) Open to relocation:
Real Estate/Have Site:
18) Owned or Operated your own business:
Related to BK affiliation:
Related to BK affiliation other:
20) Country of Citizenship:
Ethnicity Other:
About yourself Application Results: